ASTM Test Methods

(ASTM D5476) Standard Classification System for Thermoplastic Polyurethane Materials - This classification system covers thermoplastic polyurethane materials suitable for injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, melt processing, or other applicable methods. Recycled thermoplastic polyurethanes meeting the classification requirements may be used interchangeably with virgin resin.

(ASTM D5538) Standard Practice for Thermoplastic Elastomers Terminology and Abbreviations - The purpose of this practice is to provide a uniform, consensus nomenclature approach for thermoplastic elastomers. This compilation is intended to accommodate and supplement any existing trade names and trademarks.
ISO Methods

(ISO 1629) Rubber and Latices Nomenclature - Establishes a system of symbols for the basic rubbers in both dry and latex forms, based on the chemical composition of the polymer chain. Standardizes the terms used in industry and commerce and is not intended to come into conflict with existing trade names and trade marks.


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