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Working safely with isocyanate-based spray-on linings.
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Wear Personal Protective Equipment to Avoid Over Exposure to MDI

When cleaning truck bed lining equipment, it is recommended that personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses or splash goggles, MDI-resistant chemical gloves, long-sleeve coveralls and safety boots be worn.

Additional protection is needed when spraying a truck bed liner system. Personal protective equipment, such as splash goggles, MDI-resistant long-sleeve coveralls or full body suits with a hood, and MDI-resistant fitted boots and booties, will help protect from exposure. Wear respiratory protection, in the form of an approved supplied air respirator as outlined in most companies’ respiratory protection program.
Engineering Controls and Ventilation

To further minimize exposure to MDI in the truck bed liner industry, use appropriate ventilation, combined with a properly designed spray enclosure. The use of a ventilated enclosure helps to contain spray mists and vapors that develop during truck bed liner application process. Further, exhaust filters and stacks help to capture the spray mists, which can reduce the potential for exposure to those outside the building. 

It is recommended that a preventative maintenance program for the ventilation system be established to ensure that all of the components of the system (filters, airflow, etc.) are maintained properly.

Spray a truck bed liner when the ventilation system is operating properly and the appropriate personal protective equipment is worn.

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