Either as a foam underlay or on top as a coating, polyurethanes can make the floors we walk on every day more durable, easier to maintain and more aesthetically pleasing.

Using flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) as a carpet underlay in residential or commercial applications can significantly increase the lifespan of carpet, improve carpet appearance retention, provide added comfort and support, and can reduce ambient noise. Bonded polyurethane cushioning is often made from recycled materials (both pre- and post-consumer recycled materials) and may be recycled in many localities. Plus, the potential extension of carpet life should mean less frequent replacements, resulting in less carpet going to the landfill.

Polyurethanes are also used to coat floors, from wood and parquet to cement. This protective finish is resistant to abrasion and solvents yet is easy to clean and maintain. With a polyurethane finish a new wood, parquet or cement floor will wear better and longer while an old floor can be refinished to look new again.

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