Conference Wrap-up

The Polyurethanes Industry left its mark in Orlando, Florida, with a successful 62nd annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference. Over 800 polyurethane professionals spent three days demonstrating the impact polyurethanes are making today, and how the industry is promoting sustainability for the future.

“The conference is an exceptional venue for getting information about the polyurethanes industry,” said Ernest Wysong, 2019 Conference Committee Chair.

Ernest 2019 CPI

2019 Conference Committee Chair Ernest Wysong, of the Chemours Company, opens the conference and welcomes attendees.

“There’s no such thing as innovation being too small. It’s about unlocking the potential of sustainable solutions and circular economy.”

Mielewski CPI 2019

Keynote speaker, Dr. Debbie Mielewski, addresses conference attendees at the Opening Session

Education Center

The CPI Education Center helps professionals understand developments in the polyurethanes industry. Now in its 16th year, attendees of the Professional Development Program got the chance to learn about polyurethane’s properties, chemistry, applications, and market trends from industry experts in 10 courses.

Education Center CPI 2019

CPI Travel Honoraria:

Building upon CPI’s effort to expand access to the industry’s educational resources, CPI is thrilled to offer a travel honoraria for students pursuing their Masters of PhD in polyurethane chemistry. Student recipients of this award present a technical paper or poster and attend the Polyurethanes Technical Conference. Promoting PU-specific education programs and encouraging students to consider careers in in the polyurethane industry is critical for the future of the polyurethanes industry.

honoria cpi 2019

Travel Honoraria recipients Nurul Amin SK, Leiden University, and Kristen Rohm, Case Western Reserve University, attend the Industry Reception. (The third recipient Rajnish Kumar, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, is not pictured.)

Polyurethane Innovation Award

The competition for the 2019 Polyurethane Innovation Award highlighted the latest innovations and technologies within the industry over the past year. Each finalist, listed below, made a 3-minute presentation at the Opening Session, after which the audience cast their vote for their favorite innovation.

CPI is proud of our industry’s continued leadership in innovative solutions and advances in technology. Each year, CPI sponsors the Polyurethane Innovation Award program, which highlights the role that innovation plays in the polyurethane industry and recognizes companies and individuals whose vision and perseverance bring new products, technologies and initiatives to the marketplace.


  • Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond Football Helmet Liner: Carbon and Riddell partnered to produce the first-ever, digitally printed liner for the SpeedFlex Precision Diamond football helmet. Carbon used athlete data Riddell gathered in their proprietary database of 5 million head impacts to create next-gen head protection. The resulting Diamond helmet liner is printed to be precisely contoured to the athlete’s head. Using Carbon’s pioneering DLS™ technology, the liner was created using light and oxygen, and incorporates intricate, custom lattice structures with custom energy absorbing materials also developed by Carbon.   

  • Dow AQUACHILL™ Cool Coating for Comfier Bedding: AQUACHILL™: a water-based phase change material (PCM) coating, maximizes initial and sustained cooling while providing breathability, optimal durability, best-in-class adhesion and minimal odor. Unlike traditional solvent-based coatings, AQUACHILL™ maintains its cooling power beyond the initial point-of-sale without expelling a significant odor, providing additional value to the end-consumer for a good night’s rest.

Carbon Announced as the 2019 Polyurethane Innovation Award Winner

CPI announced Carbon’s DLS™ Technology, used in the Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond Football Helmet Liner, as the winner of the 2019 Polyurethane Innovation Award.

Carbon receives the 2019 Polyurethane Innovation Award

Carbon receives the 2019 Polyurethane Innovation Award

Paper, Poster, and Distinguished Leader Awards

The 2019 Polyurethanes Technical Conference concluded with the Best Paper and Poster Awards which recognized 12 papers and 4 posters. This year, two CPI Distinguished Leadership Awards were conferred to Juan Carlos Medina of Dow and Richard (Dick) Werner of Cannon for their leadership and advancement of CPI’s goals and the interests of the industry.

CPI Announces Two Distinguished Leadership Award Winners Recognizing Contributions to Industry

The two awards were given out at the 2019 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

2019 CPI Distinguished Leadership Awards

2019 CPI Distinguished Leadership Awards recipients Dick Werner of Cannon and Juan Carlos Medina of Dow

Supplemental Resources

These resources from ICIS offer a more in-depth look of this year’s Polyurethanes Technical Conference, including insight from industry experts and video testimonials.

icis supplement 2019 ii         ICIS Interactive Video Supplement     
 » ICIS Supplement   » ICIS Interactive Video Supplement

End-Use Market Survey

The 2018 End-Use Market Survey on the Polyurethanes Industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico shows that polyurethane production rose to over 9 billion pounds. U.S. polyurethane production rose in all major product segments between 2016 and 2018, with the most significant growth in the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) market.

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End Use Survey 2019

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