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This series of webinars explored methods of analysis for polyurethane (PU) raw materials (isocyanates and polyols), the variability that may be encountered, and this variability as it relates to specifications. They also introduced different types of applications tests and define performance parameters typically measured. Participants that are new to the polyurethane industry or to polyurethane raw material QA/QC will find the presented information beneficial, as well as those with more experience who want to know more about isocyanate and polyol analyses. Each part of the webinar series discussed the importance of measuring each of the PU raw material parameters, the equipment and methods used, the repeatability/reproducibility encountered, and potential interferences. 

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Original Dates of Courses:

  • Part I: May 11 | 60 minutes 
  • Part II: May 18 | 60 minutes
  • Part III: May 25 | 60 minutes 

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Fees (Includes All 3 Parts of the Series):

  • Members of CPI - $199.00
  • Non-members - $249.00

Who Should Purchase?

  • Newcomers to the polyurethane (PU) industry, those involved in product quality control, PU raw material producers, end-use consumers, those involved in setting product specifications.

How to Purchase


  • Provides information on the analytical methods used to characterize isocyanates and polyols, why these parameters are important, and the capabilities of the methods.
  • Allows participants to better understand product specifications and the factors that should be taken into consideration when setting these.
  • Gives examples of various performance tests and the parameters that are typically recorded.


  • To understand how polyurethane raw materials are characterized through analytical and performance testing, and to understand their capabilities.

Length of Courses:

  • Each course was a 60 minute webinar. 


  • David Mullen, Rubicon LLC
  • Randy Myrabo, BASF
  • Robert Zeigler, Dow
  • Thomas Conti, Consultant          


  • Part 1:          
    • Introduction 
    • The Urethane Chemical Reaction 
    • Isocyanates (-NCO) 
    • Isocyanate Content as % NCO 
    • Other Isocyanate Methods 
    • Acidity as %HCl 
    • Viscosity 
    • Monomer & Isomers in polymeric MDI 
    • TDI Isomers 
    • Color Methods 
    • Relationship between Testing and Specifications 
    • Conclusions and Open Discussion 
  • Part 2:
    • Introduction 
    • The Urethane Chemical Reaction 
    • Polyols 
    • Hydroxyl Content (-OH) 
    • Other Polyol Methods 
    • Acid Number 
    • Basicity (Alkalinity) 
    • Basicity as % Nitrogen 
    • Water 
    • Blended and Formulated Polyol Methods 
    • Relationship between Testing and Specifications 
    • Conclusions and Open Discussion 
  • Part 3:
    • Introduction 
    • The Urethane Chemical Reaction 
    • Applications or Performance Testing 
      • Relationship between Testing and Specifications 
      • Conclusions and Open Discussion  

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