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This webinar will discuss general principles of combustion of polymeric materials and specific mechanisms related to PU foams. It will review modes of action of different classes of flame retardants used in the foams. Some ideas regarding the design of efficient flame retardants and examples of new generation of polymeric and reactive flame retardants will be discussed. 

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Original Date:

  • July 19, 2018


  • Members of CPI - $199.00
  • Non-members - $249.00  

Who Should Purchase?

  • Industrial and academic technical personnel involved in new development of flexible, rigid and polyisocyanurate foams, technical market support individuals as well as end users of polyurethane foams. R&D personnel doing industrial and academic research and development of new flame retardants especially for PU foams will find it very useful. Regulatory staff and policymakers dealing with flame retardant chemicals will benefit from this seminar as well.


  • Both experts in the area and newcomers will benefit from the course because it provides a concise overview of thermal decomposition and combustion of polyurethane foams, flammability testing, flame retardant mechanisms, and guides to new approaches of designing of safe and efficient flame retardants.

How to Purchase:


  • This webinar provides a brief introduction to the technical area of developing of new reactive and polymeric flame retardants for PU foams. The course serves as a starting point and a base for further individual learning in the area. Some individuals will find it to be a good reference where they can use periodically to refresh knowledge in flame retardancy of PU foams.           


  • The course is a 90 minute webinar.


  • Sergei Levchik is R&D Director with ICL-IP, America (Israel Chemical Ltd.) which is one of the major producers of flame retardants. Prior moving to the USA in 1997, Sergei Levchik was senior researcher at Belarussian University. He has published 4 books, more than 100 technical papers and 30 reviews and book chapters in the area of thermal decomposition, combustion and flame retardancy.


  1. Decomposition and combustion, fire tests and flame retardancy of PU foams.
  2. A general introduction in flame retardancy and review of flame retardant mechanisms of halogenated and phosphorus flame retardants, and melamines and expandable graphite.
  3. Discussion: pros and cons of use of reactive flame retardants. 


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