The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) developed a National Emphasis Program (NEP) for isocyanates to focus OSHA resources on occupational exposure to isocyanates. OSHA stated that the isocyanates NEP will combine enforcement and outreach efforts to raise awareness among employers, workers, and safety and health professionals of the health effects associated with occupational exposure to isocyanates.

CPI strongly supports programs to provide guidance on safe use and handling of polyurethane products, and has developed extensive programs to educate and provide information and safety precautions to workers and others using isocyanates, including information about compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and OSHA regulations. CPI works with the value chain and provides these extensive resources, including training opportunities, guidance documents, tools and videos, as well as professional development courses that can help manufacturers and facilities learn about important OSHA requirements, like workplace exposure limits that are established and enforced by OSHA. We have partnered with OSHA in the past on worker safety efforts and look forward to doing so again. This industry will continue to lead worker safety and product stewardship efforts and coordinate with OSHA on worker safety initiatives.

CPI has developed extensive resources on product stewardship and safe handling information, including videos, regulatory compliance information, as well as training modules to address questions about raw materials related to environmental, health and safety, distribution, use, emissions, and waste issues. The document library on this website contains a links to documents on topics including PPE selection, a model respiratory program, hazard communication and more. Some of the available resources that may be particularly helpful for the NEP include:

Most of these materials are available free at In addition, CPI has focused product stewardship on spray polyurethane foam at this link: and spray truck bed liners here:

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