Color plays such an important role in polyurethane formulations and end products. Whether knowingly or not color can lead to a product’s success or failure. This educational program will present the background and basic principles to help formulators better understand the art and science of color and appearance. Topics such as color measurement methods and control, color standard selection, communicating color differences, sample preparation and establishing color specifications would be detailed. This will provide formulators with the foundation needed to manage and control the color and appearance dynamics that can lead to a products success.

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Original Date and Time:

  • May 3, 2016 | 10:00 am EDT


  • CPI has become an American Institute of Architects (AIA) CES approved provider for webinars.

Who Should Attend?

  • Urethane chemists, formulators and chemical engineers.


  • Learn to manage and control the color and appearance dynamics that can lead to a products success. 
  • Understand color measurement methods, color standard selection, sample preparation and establishing color specifications.  
  • Be able to effectively communicate color differences.
  • Understand pigment chemistries, colorant carrier vehicles and pertinent colorant properties.


  • PU 106 is a 90 minute webinar


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Overview of Color and Appearance Science:
  • Color
    • Light
      • Visible Spectrum
      • Reflectance/Absorbance
      • Types of Visible Light
      • Metamerism
    • Object
      • Shape
      • Reflection and Transmission
      • Surface Type
    • Observer
      • Human
        • How the Brain Sees Color
      • Instrumental
        • Spectrophotometers
  • Effects on Appearance
    • Physical Attributes
      • Color, gloss, size, shape, orientation, viewing angle and surroundings
Overview of Colorants for Urethanes:
  • Pigment types/chemistries
    • Organic vs. Inorganic
    • Lightfastness
    • Chemical Fastness
    • GLID and Flourescents
  • Colorant carriers
    • Chemistries
    • Reactivity
  • Pertinent colorant characteristics
    • Physical Properties
    • Viscosity/Rheology
    • Usage Levels/Rates


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