In addition to basic metering machines, auxiliary equipment can provide enhanced properties and processing. There are many types of auxiliary equipment, including the following examples:
  • Metering equipment
  • Multi-station ringlines for multiple mix heads operating from a single high-pressure machine
  • Equipment for the addition of fillers and long fiber technology
  • Bulk storage of chemicals
  • Conveyors, turntables and mold carriers
  • Automation equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic presses
  • Prepolymer reactors
  • Spray equipment for In-Mold-Coatings (IMC) or In-Mold-Paintings (IMP)
  • Moca melters
  • Vacuum degassers for elastomers 

 Bulk Storage        CO2, N2 Metering Unit                   Conveyor 

 Blowing Agent Meter                      Turntable 

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