2018 Call for Papers and Posters

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry’s annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference, the longest-running polyurethanes conference in North America, offers the unique convergence of industry expertise, professional networking, and regulatory insight. Fostering both technical and professional development, the Polyurethanes Technical Conference is the premier destination to preview the polyurethanes technology of tomorrow and key information for today.

The 61st annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference comes to Atlanta, Georgia, from Monday, October 1, to Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

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The Conference

The exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders and an unbeatable lineup of technical education sessions will showcase the most important and powerful topics our industry has to offer.

Our session speakers include some of the brightest minds in emerging polyurethanes technology, and our regulatory speakers hail from governing bodies from North America and beyond. From professional development and technical discussions about chemistry, to big-picture analysis and key learning’s about recent industry trends, the Polyurethanes Technical Conference proves that the longest-running polyurethanes conference in North America is also the most innovative.

Call for Posters and Papers:

The deadline to submit your paper abstracts for the 2018 Technical Conference has been extended to February 16.

  • Applications: Automotive, Appliances/Cold Chain, Construction, Furnishings, Recreation, Clothing, Medical, Packaging 
  • Product Areas: Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings & Elastomers, Binders, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, Agriculture
  • Chemistry: Chemistry & Fundamentals, Diisocyanates, Renewable Content Polyols, Blowing Agents, Flame Retardants, Release Agents, Catalysts
  • Process: Processing Innovations, Equipment
  • Issue Areas: Combustibility, EHS, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability/Recyclability, Transportation

Final Paper and Presentations are due June 15, 2018.
Poster Abstracts are due August 3, 2018.

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"In the video below, Marissa Tessman showcases how innovative the PU industry has become in recent years. Attendees to the CPI Technical Conference have the ability to network with one another, and discuss other ways in which PU can help make our lives better with Polyurethane. Marissa is one of many up and coming researchers who attend the conference, and is the next generation of innovators for the industry."

CPI Travel Honoraria:

Building upon CPI’s decade-long effort to expand access to the industry’s educational resources, CPI is thrilled to offer travel honoraria for graduate students who would like to present and attend the Polyurethanes Technical Conference. Promoting PU-specific education programs and encouraging students to consider careers in in the polyurethane industry is critical for the future of the polyurethanes industry.

Deadline to submit: March 16, 2018. 

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Sponsorship Information:

CPI Conference Testimonial:

“In the past, we had to do a sales job to schedule appointments with our contacts and interest them in samples of our products. In 2016, we had almost continuous foot traffic at our exhibit booth and many potential customers were requesting samples of us. It was a great ice-breaker and opportunity to start talking mutual value right away.”

--Rob Hart, Head of R&D, The Shepherd Chemical Company

Polyurethane Innovation Award

CPI is proud of our industry’s continued leadership in innovative solutions and advances in technology. Each year, CPI sponsors the Polyurethane Innovation Award program, which highlights the role that innovation plays in the polyurethane industry and recognizes companies and individuals whose vision and perseverance bring new products, technologies and initiatives to the marketplace. CPI will present this year’s Innovation Award at the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference at the Atlanta Marriott, Atlanta Georgia, GA October 1-3, 2018. » Learn More

Chemours Named Winner of 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award

Chemours’ pioneering application of polyurethane chemistry is a testament to our industry’s commitment to technological progress and the hard work, expertise and creativity of so many individuals.

Polyurethane Professional Development Program

In addition to the technical sessions, the conference will feature CPI's 15th annual Polyurethane Professional Development Program (PDP). Course topics may include introductory polyurethane chemistry; technology; markets and applications; adhesives, sealants and binders; coatings and elastomers; equipment; raw materials, testing, specifications and performance; and physical testing of foams.   » Learn More

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