Regulatory Compliance Assistance Program (RCAP)

Facilities that manufacture, process or otherwise use MDI and exceed the threshold limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are required by EPA to submit a Form A or Form R by July 1st of each reporting year to EPA and the designated state agency. To provide general guidance during the reporting process, CPI offers an MDI Regulatory Compliance Assistance Program (RCAP). These programs were created as a tool to offer some assistance with Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting. RCAP also offers individual assistance to RCAP users. Please remember that these tools are general in nature and each facility must determine its own reporting requirements to EPA. For assistance or questions regarding MDI, PMDI or TRI reporting, contact CPI RCAP Software User Support.

MDI Emissions Estimator*

The free MDI Emissions Estimator provides a fast and convenient method to estimate MDI or PMDI emissions. The tool has a number of built-in formulas to estimate emissions from typical process applications and activities. The tool is available in a lockable spreadsheet allowing users to easily import data and print helpful reports.

* Users' computers must be compatible with Microsoft Excel in order to effectively use the MDI Emissions Estimator.

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